Hello, my name is Julia Wilson.

I am passionate about empowering women in all aspects of womanhood. I share a multi-faceted, heart-centred approach, with a focus on personal growth through transitions. 

New book coming soon.


My Story

I'm an author, editor and educator. I am passionate about women's health and issues pertaining to women. I have worked with girls in schools, local women, families and women across the world.

I'm a single Mum with 5 kids and I have stage 4 ovarian cancer with the BRCA 1 gene mutation.
People ask me how I do it; how I stay so positive. I smile a lot.  I laugh. I sing. I am fuelled by my desire to impact people in a positive way; my family, my friends, the community at large. It's about outlook, it's about tools, it's about resilience.
I love helping people with what I have learned in the hope that it may also help them. I have been blessed with many wise teachers in my time and also through life's tapestry of experience. I have a lot of powerful knowledge that I know transforms lives. I want to share it.


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Services and Background



  • Writing

  • Editing

  • Public Speaking 

  • Workshops

  • Individual support

  • Life coaching


Julia has a rich and varied background in women's health and education, including 20 years' experience in supporting families in childbirth. She is the author of Blissful Birth and previous Editor of Birthings Magazine, Sydney. She has also co-ordinated and facilitated programmes for primary and secondary girls in schools.  She has been instrumental in empowering women in varied aspects of women's health through her work in the media.



Childbirth Educator

Workshops, public speaking, events, media.

1998 to present

Birth Support

Comprehensive individual birth support

1999 - 2015


Magazines including Natural Parenting, Byron Child (now Kindred) Your Natural Baby And More, Birthings.



Australian Country Contact,

Midwifery Today, USA


Birthings Magazine


2015 & 2016

Department Of Education

Health education for girls - primary and secondary public schools. Also, Bishop Druitt College.

2013 - 2016



Units completed:

Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2

Values and Ethics


Interpersonal Skills

Nutrition 1 & 2

Computing Skills

Counselling 1

Working With Groups



Currently involved in print and television media campaign for Ovarian cancer Australia.

 SUNRISE for Channel 7.


Key Note Speaker,

Teal Breakfast, 

The Westin Hotel


Upcoming book launch:

Sydney, 23rd February, 2019

Bellingen, 26th March, 2019

Alchemy Wellness Centre.




To donate, click here:

Ovarian Cancer Australia


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